The Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust makes grants to organizations, primarily in Washington, D.C., that provide care or treatment of economically deprived D.C. residents suffering from cancer or childhood afflictions.  Awards are granted for one year at a time and may be extended upon re-application.

Cancer: Under the Will of Mary E. Stewart, the Trust supports cancer research scholars through its Pew Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research program. The Trust does not accept proposals for such research, working instead with experts to fund research at selected institutions. Some grants are made for care and treatment of D.C. residents afflicted with cancer. The Trust occasionally may fund the purchase of equipment used in cancer diagnosis and treatment. It rarely funds the education of students or doctors engaged in cancer research.

Child Health: Under the Will of Helen S. Devore, grants are focused on significant improvements in treatment of childhood medical afflictions for children, residing in D.C., who are physically or mentally ill or handicapped, and for the prevention of diseases common to childhood.


The Trust makes grants only to organizations that are able to produce evidence of tax exemption under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3) and public charity status under Section 509.

The Trust prefers that the organization seeking funding is based in Washington, DC and/or serves those individuals living in Washington, DC.

There is no funding for endowments, building programs or capital campaigns. Awards are not made for scholarships to individuals or to institutions on behalf of individuals.


For applicants seeking Trust funding for the first time, please fill out the form under New Applicants. The trustees will then inform the potential applicant of whether formal submission of a proposal would be appropriate.


The trustees will review your application and notify you if they need any additional information or if they wish to schedule an appointment for a site visit.

Grant applications may be submitted at any time during the year. Those in the hands of the Trustees by the close of business on September 23, 2016 for Grant Year 2017, are generally assured of a decision before the end of the year.