The Alexander & Margaret Stewart Trust is a charitable foundation supporting research, treatment and prevention of cancer and pediatric illnesses. Since 1947, the Trust has supported dozens of non-profits focused on improving the health of children and the lives of men and women suffering from cancer.

The Stewart Trust allocates grants to  Washington, DC non-profits and cancer research scholars nationally. More about the Trust’s recent awards and grantees, the Pew Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research program, the Stewart’s past Cancer Research Fellows program, and a breakdown of the services and programs the Trust targets can be found under the “Grantee/Resources” tab on our website.

For cancer research investments, the Stewart Trust is now funding 20 cancer research Scholars annually (5 new scholars selected each year, with each scholarship lasting four years). The Stewart Trust merged its existing Cancer Research Fellows program with The Pew Charitable Trusts’ program for scholars focused on biomedical research. By merging the programs, the Stewart Trust was able to leverage the capability and resources of The Pew Charitable Trusts, expose our cancer researchers to experts in other fields, and extend the benefits of the program to more research institutions. The inaugural class of Pew Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research was announced in 2014.  Promising early-career scientists are receiving funding for research aimed at finding cures for cancer using approaches that include genetics, pharmacology, and structural biology.

For strategic investments in pediatric care, examples include a $1,000,000 award for a joint pediatric radiation oncology program managed by Children’s National Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, and Sibley Memorial Hospital. The Stewart Trust investment helped leverage significant federal dollars for a pediatric gantry/”vault” to provide highly specialized cancer treatment and research for children in Washington, D.C.

Stewart Trust Annual Report for Calendar Year 2016



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