The Alexander & Margaret Stewart Trust is a charitable foundation supporting nonprofit organizations researching, treating and preventing cancer and pediatric illnesses.

The Trust was established in 1947 by Mary E. Stewart and Helen Stewart Devore in honor of their parents. Trust grants for treatment and prevention are provided to organizations assisting residents of the District of Columbia, particularly in economically disadvantaged communities.

The Stewart Trust  distributed over $4.5 million in grants in calendar year 2013. Grantees range from D.C. health clinics and hospitals to community-based organizations providing pediatric and/or cancer treatment for the underprivileged.

If you are interested in applying for a new grant, please review our Guidelines and then go to our Application section.

The Trust does not accept proposals for research unless specifically requested by the trustees.


The Trust is pleased to announce the selection of the 2013 Stewart Trust Fellows, all conducting outstanding innovative research in Cancer.

Dr. Kenneth Olive, Columbia University Medical Center
Dr. Oren Becher, Duke Cancer Institute
Dr. Kris Wood, Duke Cancer Institute
Dr. Michaela Gack, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Sandra Gabelli, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Dr. Sridhar Nimmagadda, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Dr. David Pincus, Whitehead Institute
Dr. Don Nguyen, Yale Cancer Center


Grant Applications Due Friday, September 19, 2014
Annual Reports Due: February 17, 2014 (for grant year 2013)


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